Cheerful Tuesday Post Time

Ahaha. Yeah, right. We all wish, huh?

I mean, we can take our pick of pure shittiness, can’t we? Another, another state-sanctioned murder of an unarmed black man. On the heels of a state-sanctioned murder of a black child. The possible future proxy of our nation’s highest office comparing displaced and suffering human beings to poisoned candy. And the dissolution of one of our nation’s most popular power couple.

Yeah, one of those things clearly doesn’t belong here.

And yet, today, thoroughly mixed in with the intermittent mention of actual news is extensive coverage of yes, the fact that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting divorced.

Now, if that’s what you personally want to focus on today, I can’t really stop you. I’m confused by you, but I can’t stop you. But surely even the most dedicated fan of #Brangelina must find it slightly strange that they’re getting the same news coverage from CNN and The Washington Post as they are from E! News and TMZ.

What the fuck. Just…what the fuck.

Is it any wonder that we’re on the brink of maybe electing a deranged sentient troll doll to run our country?

Disclaimer: there are good journalists who cover important stories. I’m routinely impressed by many of our local and regional journalists. But on a national level? Clicks trump the truth. Revenue trumps integrity. And yes, I’m using that word for a reason. I don’t feel like being subtle right now.

Mind you, many of these of the same people bleat about first amendment rights when protesters don’t want them around. Freedom of the press.

But how can the press be free when it’s already been bought and paid for?* When “journalistic objectivity” has somehow come to mean weighing the opinions of climate change deniers and virtually all our scientists as equal? When the ravings of a bloated orange megalomaniac are given the same shrift as the slightly misguided but actually completely normal cybersecurity practices of a veteran public servant? When comedians** are doing an immeasurably job of representing this insanity than the people whose job it is to actually represent this insanity?

It’s true, a lot of institutions are failing us right now, from those apathetic fucks in congress to our embarrassingly underfunded education system. But looking back, if things go as badly as they can, I think we’ll see all the ways in which the media failed us especially hard.

Of course, nothing happens if we don’t demand change. So here’s a thought: don’t click. Don’t give views to bullshit journalism. And if you have an independent news source that you trust and want to reward? Toss some dollars their way. And as always, vote. Because if we want to dismantle the corporations who not only own our media outlets but also most of everything else, we have to vote for the people they don’t want. Top to bottom of the ballot.

Just a thought.

*An example: CNN is owned by Turner Broadcasting System, which is owned by Time Warner, which also owns HBO and Warner Brothers and is somehow still smaller than Disney, which is how terrifyingly big Disney is.

**In related news, I really miss The Nightly Show.


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