Achievement Unlocked

31 blogs in 31 days. And only a few of them were skimpy. I admit to being pleased with myself.

I did not achieve as much consistency with some of my other projects but that is why we keep on keeping on. And what I did manage every day is encouraging. This coming month, I am excited to have more time to devote to independent projects with my essay done and class about to be over. 

I wish it were cooler so that I spend more time outdoors, which is always a goal. After this past week, I need to work back to healthier sleep habits, too. Funny how staying up until 3am reading Rousseau messes with your brain.

But yeah, I’m envisioning an August that builds well on my progress.

More yoga, more writing. More reading.  As always. Less thinking about politics. More activism hopefully. More time with friends.

(Although I’m still not quite in the mood to drive.)

Less blogging, I think. I’m proud of my 31 posts, but I’m capable of higher quality when posting less often. So we’ll probably go back to something like three blogs per week. Maybe more long form stuff, too. That’ll be nicer for you all, too, I imagine.

On that note: thanks for reading this month!


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