Things I have drawn/written in the margins of Emile



“Sure, that’s how that would happen”

“Unless it killed them?”

Dinosaur eating a stick figure


“Biased, much?”

Face rolling eyes


“Flo Jo disagrees”

“Leave Euclid alone!”


“What would he think about Instagramming your food?”

Tiny Frankenstein monster

“Are you sure you’re not English since you hate the French so much?”

“Sick burn”


“Oh, thanks”

“Puberty, oh noes!”

“Ok, JJ”

“I bet this pissed people off”



“Masturbation” (His fault, not mine)




“Bloody peasants”

“Victim blamer”




“I guess JJ can’t conceive of overpopulation”



“What an ass”

“Hey, we agree on something!” (Corsets are terrible and vegetarianism makes sense)

“Asshole, she wouldn’t want to be friends with you either”

“Must it?”



“Like you raised your kids, you motherfucker?”




Just an insight into the creative process and why I make a terrible academic.


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