Lord, it is hot.

We’re lucky here–being in the country by the water. Spares us about 5 degrees compared to the local cities, which are total heat sinks. One of them is also built on a swamp, so.

It’s difficult not to look at the forecasts this week and think, “This is the future. It will only get worse.”

And I know that local weather patterns in particular are not indicative of climate change. Which is why it’s stupid to say that a cold, snowy winter disproves climate science.

But. But, there are certainly trends. Every month is the new hottest month. Worldwide, it is hot. It is 50+ degrees Celsius in Kuwait. That’s over 120 degrees, my Fahrenheit friends.

We are slowly cooking ourselves.

Indeed, some of us are cooking each other more than our fair share.

We are running out of time to fix this. Some of the damage is by many accounts irreversible. But if you can limit something this apocalyptic, shouldn’t you still at least try?

On the whole I am optimistic about getting older, but this does give me pause. There’s a good chance I’ll be alive in 2050, when things are supposed to get really bad. And everyone who really had the chance to do anything large-scale right now will be long gone.

It’s difficult not to be angry about that. To hear about the Great Barrier Reef dying and organisms going extinct and whole communities getting displaced. And to think if we had tried a little harder, if so many of us hadn’t bought the lies sold to us a society, we might have prevented much of this.

This isn’t a very positive post, I know. But it’s hard to be positive sometimes. Sometimes, you just need to be angry. And the next day, maybe you go back to work and keep doing what you can, even if you know how little that is. It’s something.

Of course, the heat will still be here.


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