Late night Post-pourri

Right now Donald Trump is giving his acceptance speech at the RNC. 

I really don’t want to blog about that. It’s frightening and awful and honestly you all know about it anyway.

(Please go vote. Please. And think about the real consequences of your choice. Talk to people. Ask them what it means for them, too.)

The DNC will hopefully be very tame by comparison.

I did not have a very productive day but everyone has one of those every once in a while. The problem is unproductive weeks. Those pile up.

If I get what I want to get done tomorrow, I think I will go see the new Star Trek movie.

Our theater is also showing a film called Hillary’s America. If you, like me, have never heard of it, it is not flattering. It’s basically Republican propaganda.

This shit is inescapable.

I’m going to apply for a local job here in town soon. I haven’t tried that in a while because honestly this isn’t the sort of place there are a lot of opportunities for younger people. But this one seems worth trying for. It wouldn’t require me to break with my overall project, which is cool.

Speaking of, I definitely have some things I want to put together for 2017 when we will hopefully not be under a new totalitarian regime (sorry). A couple of podcasts, maybe a revamp for Seven by Twenty, another publication even?

It’s always helpful, I think, to wonder: what can I bring to this? What can I do that’s a little different? It might not be that different but we can all make things ours.

I watched Babe tonight. It is a surprisingly solid movie still. Also when I told Twitter that a bunch of people started quoting it so clearly it’s lodged in the cultural consciousness.

I’ve heard Stranger Things is excellent but I’m not sure on the right mood to watch it. Which is why I still haven’t continued Hannibal. Someday. 

Class is over halfway over and then I don’t teach again until September. I am excited for a break.

What are you excited for?


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