Defense Prep

Latest blog post yet? Yes, indeed. Blame my friends because I just spent three hours talking to them.

We like to talk.

Got my exam date for my essay today (next week) which means not only do I get to stop thinking about it, but you all get to stop hearing about it. Yay for all of us!

I also spoke to my advisor today which went a long way towards allaying some of my fears about the event. Because nothing St. J’s does is traditional, the “defense” isn’t really a defense at all, but a conversation about your topic. Which means not only will I not have to come in with my dukes up, but also that I get to raise points of interest and pose questions myself.

It should actually be fun. I mean, essentially I get to talk about Frankenstein and Emile for an hour. Which, as anyone knows who’s asked me about it in the last eight months knows, isn’t really all that daunting.

I like my paper; I like engaging with these texts; there’s no reason this can’t be an enjoyable experience as well.

Which doesn’t mean I won’t bring my A-game. At the moment I’m doing some reviewing, thinking more about both authors’ intentions, and also reading Mary Wollstonecraft to get pumped.

Trust me, if you want to feel feisty, especially if you’re a lady, read some Wollstonecraft. She’s fucking fierce.

So, am I still a little nervous? Yes, of course. But it’s one hour of my life. There will be people there who support me and afterward we can all go drink some wine. And I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.


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