You know, this July experiment is going pretty well.

Blogging every day, writing most days, yoga most days. On top of work and volunteering. Reading plenty. Practicing Italian. Getting up pretty consistently around 9:30/10, with just a few slips.

It’s true, I haven’t been able to go on a Zombies, Run mission for a few days now because it’s been grotesquely hot. That isn’t likely to change any time soon either, so I may need to change my approach. I really wish siestas were a thing in the U.S. Then I could get up at 5 a.m., go outside for a bit, go through my morning routine, and grab a REM-cycle length nap around noon when it starts to get hot. And not have to go to bed at some absurdly early hour just to be functional.

I’m all for it. The problem is the rest of the world doesn’t at all work that way, so it seems pretty likely I’ll have appointments and commitments during those precious three hours of afternoon sleep. It might be worth trying anyway. I miss walking; I just have little interest in melting into a puddle.

There are definitely other things to catch up on. The point is definitely to make progress. I may always be behind on my Channillo series, but at least I’m updating it again. And I have little hope for ever being very good at the banjo, but it’s nice to play music, even if it is just badly and for myself.

When we think about progress, we think about the charge forward. But usually that progress is more of a series of incremental steps. Progressive, right? Gradual change. We’re impatient creatures, but whether we like it or not, most things do happen slowly. I’m not saying we should never accelerate those processes–sometimes that charge ahead is more important than anything else. We see that with social issues all the time. It’s worth it to push hard and even then someone’s been building a foundation for a long time.

So, too, with anything worth doing.


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