What in the world

That thing when you wait until the end of the day to write a blog post and something awful happens somewhere else in the world, so now if you don’t mention it, you sound like a self-centered asshole.

If you’re catching up on the news, a loaded truck full of arms and grenades mowed through a crowd of people in Nice, France yesterday.

If you’re catching up on the news, the Turkish military is attempting a coup to take over their government. Hundreds of thousands of people are in the streets of Istanbul and Ankara at the behest of their president.

It seems a lot of the time like the world is unraveling.

It bears saying that these circumstances didn’t arise out of nothing. We can trace back the sociopolitical foundations for the situation in Syria. From there we can see how that’s affected Turkey and the rest of Europe. It’s not a mystery as to how we’ve come to another moment in history when tragedy is commonplace.

And that’s just internationally. The sources of our domestic heartaches are fairly apparent in and of themselves.

There’s a lot of hate being spewed right now. On social media. On television. By certain presidential candidates. But obviously that solves nothing. I’m not so naive as to think love is a cure-all solution, but it does seem like a necessary step. Maybe it’s not the first step. Maybe the first step is just not wanting the world–our world, at least–to end. Maybe if we can get there, we can work on recognizing our shared humanity. Maybe.


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