Is 2016 over yet?

Trump may have picked his VP today.

Mike Pence, not to be confused with Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants.

Trump has a VP. The convention has people predicting the imminent destruction of the city of Cleveland. At least they got that NBA championship, I guess. Bye, Cleveland.

How did we get here exactly? Did the whole country get roofied?

(Dear God, please don’t let us be asking that question on November 9th, too.)

But no, we didn’t get roofied. We thought it was a fucking joke. Remember that? But a whole segment of our population popped out of the ground like prairie dogs at the first utterances of “Mexicans are rapists.”

I guess we always sort of knew those people were there. Not just people benefiting from a racist system, but actual repugnant practicing racists. If you’re voting for Trump, you’re a racist. You might insist you’re not, but even if you tell yourself you’re overlooking his racism for his other qualities (like what), that’s racist enough for me.

It shouldn’t be a surprise. The Republican Party has been courting their fringe for years. This is perhaps the natural expression of this mistake. Meanwhile, their moderate center is silent. Squirming, but silent. Their leadership goes dead in the eyes at the mere mention of Trump, but they no longer condemn him.

Unless something utterly bonkers happens in Ohio next week (sorry, Cleveland), they’re going to support him. They’re going to vote for him. They’d rather blow up the country than cede anything to Hillary Clinton.

Y’all, I am not confident in the outcome.

If Hillary loses, there are going to be a lot of fingers pointed at Bernie Sanders and his followers. That’s somewhat deserved. But there are reasons Bernie is so popular. The Democrat Party is not faultless in their decisions or their conduct. I know a lot of Dems who like to make themselves out to be the good guys. And sometimes they are. But sometimes they’re just the “not as offensive guys.”

At the end of the day, the onus is on both Hillary and Bernie to create unity. I think the DNC platform will go a long way towards that. And I think the media’s* gleeful predictions that Sanders fans will go over to Trump are overblown. I mean, who gets their polling information from fucking Yik Yak?

Yes, some of them will vote as independents. But some of them were independents to begin with, and it’s useful to consider why they feel that way. I don’t know. I’m just tired of sanctimonious Hillary supporters wringing their hands as if there’s nothing for them to do to help their candidate succeed while these overenthusiastic millennials are going to ruin everything.

I’m tired of handwringing in general. I’m going to volunteer and do my part and I didn’t even vote for Hillary. Get the fuck up.

There is a certain poetic justice, I think, in the fact that minority voters have the power to save us and our country, as Trump polls with them in the teens and below. I sincerely hope they do come out and vote, if only for their own self-interest. But they definitely don’t owe the rest of us anything.

*Don’t get me started on the media. This is their hellbeast, too.


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