Blow your nose before yoga

And now for something completely different!

I really love yoga. Not in that “let’s go get lattes with our mats after class so everyone knows we do yoga” way (although if that’s your jam…cool, I guess?). To me yoga’s a pretty private thing. I like doing it with my friends on occasion. Sometimes I do it in my yard or at the beach if the weather’s nice. But it’s still very personal.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 3-4 years now, mostly through Yoga with Adriene. And I’m by no means an expert but I have learned a lot. So today’s post is some of what I know now about yoga. None of these are revelations, but they bear saying.

1. Bodies make noise. It’s true. That may seem intuitive, but I think when we picture yoga class, we picture a bunch of people moving in perfect concert in perfect silence–or perhaps to a quietly played melody on the harp or sitar.

I call bullshit.

I may be creakier than some people, but all bodies make noise. Your joints pop. Your stomach gurgles. People yawn. And yes, there is farting. I’ve also burped during yoga. Pretty sure it was a natural part of the process.

2. Transitions are totally important, but they are often imperfect. Yes, that move from Downward Dog to Low Lunge to Warrior I is a really essential part of my flow. Six times out of ten, I don’t step my foot up far enough. Sometimes when I pivot on my back foot, I wobble. I am all about transitions, but I am also all about adjustments. (I’m also all about wiggling. It helps.)

3.  That yogic breathing is no joke. One time I did freestyle yoga with a friend and it really did sound like the ocean in there between the two of us. Sometimes the breathing comes easy. Sometimes it doesn’t. It always helps to blow your nose first.

4. Consistency is key. You might be thinking: “Julia, you’ve been doing yoga for 3-4 years, why aren’t you a yoga goddess by now?” Firstly, I am obviously a different kind of goddess. A goddess of wine and scary movies. Secondly, my yoga has major lapses. I’ve definitely done it enough to feel its effects and to improve, but most weeks I do not do it every day. (When you can string enough days together, you can always tell, because Downward Dog actually starts feeling like a resting pose.) I’m trying to change that, not just for the physical benefits, but for the psychological ones, too. Because…

5. Yoga brain is real, you guys. Seriously. On most days when I do more than one sequence, I get zen’d the fuck out. People have asked, “Are you okay?” when I answer the phone because I sound utterly spaced. It doesn’t happen every day because sometimes yoga is frustrating. Sometimes I don’t want to do another sun salutation. Sometimes I really, really hate plank. But I try to stick it out anyway. And most of the time, it pays off.




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