It’s late to be writing a blog post but I’m going to anyway. 

Yesterday and today, I spent time with friends and family. We had fun. 

It’s a different kind of day, though, when I have somewhere to be and people to see. It changes the momentum.

This is not a bad thing, but it does affect the habits I’m trying to build. It usually means I miss something or skip working on certain projects deliberately.

It’s been a pretty productive week. I can feel consistency forming on some scores.  Not all of them. It’s worth noting what I don’t feel driven to do every day and what might just need more time.

I’m behind on yoga, for example. I do love yoga, but there are times when stillness doesn’t sit well with me. It was one of those weeks.

I’ll get back to it. For the most part, I’m optimistic. I mean, so far so good. This first week has been something to build on, despite its challenges.

There is balance to maintain, as always. External, internal. Personal, political. Private, public.


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