Election Season: The End (Of Sorts)

Today California, the Dakotas, Montana, New Mexico, and New Jersey vote in the primaries, effectively concluding this half of election season. (Excepting the District of Columbia, but let’s be honest, we obviously don’t care about their enfranchisement.)

I don’t know about you guys but I am so sick of election season. I really hate primaries. And I really want to go back to being an independent, even though that would effectively render me voiceless in this part of the process. Part of me doesn’t even care about that at this point.

It’s been contentious, yes, but there have been other contentious elections. It’s been ugly, but that’s true every 2-4 years, depending how much you care about the midterms. The real issue to me is there’s more commentary now than ever. Not conversation, mind you. Commentary. We don’t have any interest in talking to each other. Everyone would much rather read about the other side than engage them rationally.

There are so many other sides at this point, too. Bernie v. Hillary. Dems v. Republicans. Sanity v. Trump supporters. (See, my empathy fails me, too.)

And I think that’s why it’s been so exhausting. We’re mired in all sorts of bullshit, unable to take a single step forward and in the meantime, there’s this endless chatter about the situation, because it’s more important to film Trump’s empty podium than talk about what’s really at stake in all this.

Last summer, I remember saying to a friend that it feels like in the next decade we’re on the edge of a precipice. That we can change some of the destructive trajectories we seem to have taken as a country. I think that choice is still there. It’s compromised in some serious ways by the people we’ve ended up with and the way things have gone and probably won’t be enough in the end, but it still exists, symbolically if in no other sense. We can continue to trudge toward progress or we can essentially blow ourselves up.

So weirdly, as much as I want election season to end for good–and I do, badly–I’m also really scared for it to end. Because it seems all too possible we might hit the red button.

What to do? Vote, obviously. Volunteer. Support groups you believe in. Demonstrate. Talk. Talk to people. Pray, if you’re the praying type.

How are you feeling on this June 7?


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