A post of mostly pictures 

Readjusting to life after vacation is tough.

Yeah, I know you really feel for me. Whatever, I have perspective.

Even with a week to re-acclimate, I’m not having the most excellent Monday, although I did get to talk about another neat (volunteer) opportunity today.

(My optimism for the summer hasn’t changed. There’s just a good possibility I’ll be a bit broke(r) than I thought.)

Ah well. I’ll manage. How about some beach pictures?

Going to the beach in May is pretty awesome, in no small part because it’s quiet.

We climbed the lighthouse!

And did some hiking.

And shell collecting.

Also saw lots of wild horses.

It was very pretty and relaxing and fun. And sure, it felt kinda decadent, but we actually don’t do stuff like this all that often.

Being by the water always makes me happier. Calmer.

So I say when you get the chance, do that thing for yourself. Whatever it is.


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