Manual reboot

So, it’s a weird sort of day, friends, in no small part because I haven’t slept.

On purpose.

Sleep and I have a very loving, devoted relationship. I enjoy sleep and I think it enjoys me. Late as I like to stay up, I’ve never been an all-nighter type of person. But I’ve gotten to the point where I think my sleep-wake cycle is so off kilter from the average person’s that I need to make an adjustment.

Hence to the staying up.

Yes, I know there are less drastic ways to accomplish this–trust me, I’ve tried them. The fact is it’s always been easier for me to stay up later than go to bed earlier. So we’re going for a manual reboot of the system. I’m staying up for about 30 hours straight, accommodating my sleep deficit, and hopefully getting up at a reasonable hour tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’m not terribly happy, although I’m mostly just sort of fuzzy around the edges rather than outright grumpy. I keep having random thoughts in Italian because when my brain is tired, that’s apparently what it wants to do.

Mi manca il mio letto. Voglio dormire. Ho sonno. Sono stanchissima. Non mi piace questo progetto. Manda caffé, per favore.

I’m trying my best to keep this as substance light as possible, i.e., I’m not consuming a lot of caffeine. Part of the point, after all, is to be tired and feel like I can go to sleep at a reasonable hour without any outside interference.

This does rather limit what I can accomplish today, as you might expect. So far I’ve done more passive activities, like catching up on podcasts and scanning books. I did some yoga very early this morning, which helped, and will do more this afternoon if I can manage it. Nothing terribly complicated, mind, on account of my brain being sort of mushy at the moment.

Povero cervello. Mi scusi.

Really, it’s not terrible; it’s sort of like playing at 60% power. My comprehension isn’t bad yet, just slow. We’ll see how coherent everything sounds tomorrow.

Come stiamo oggi, amici? Spero che tutto stia bene.


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