Blogging week and 29

And we’re back!

No, I didn’t formally announce a hiatus; I just took one. I’m in an interesting space where I recognize the need to narrow my focus sometimes but not necessarily on the regular. I.e., it’s easy to mistake pursuing many interests as being productive, and there is the risk of working shallowly instead of deeply on the most important projects. Conversely, I think engaging broadly means there’s more to inform everything. Which can be a really positive thing.

A good example is a book I read recently for pleasure and general knowledge that ended up giving me another perspective to consider for my Master’s Essay.

It’s more of a broad week, so I’ve decided to add some extra blogging to that and see what I get out of the greater opportunity to meditate here. Or maybe I’ll rant about something. Who knows. I do like a good rant. Either way: five days, five posts.

My 29th birthday was last week. I’ve said before on here that I like birthdays and holidays. Not for all the fuss necessarily, but for the opportunity to have fun and maybe give yourself permission to be nicer to yourself than you are usually.

So, for my part, a birthday (birthday week in this case) is a specific opportunity to do things I enjoy: see movies and plays, bake, have good food with friends and family, read a beloved book, drink wine, go exploring, sleep, play video games, frequent the local bookstore. In most cases, these are not extraordinary things, but they don’t have to be extraordinary or expensive to make me happy. Rather, the pleasure is in doing them and particularly with people I like–or in comfortable solitude.

Now, my ideal birthday week isn’t everyone’s. Some people desire a lot of fuss; some people dislike any acknowledgement at all. (Albeit sometimes for silly reasons–I’d rather get older than not, for example.) But I think birthdays are a good moment to 1) appreciate what’s good and happy in your life, 2) give yourself to permission to engage in self-care and, if you can manage it, even indulge yourself just a bit. Not in what you think a birthday should be, but what you really want it to be.

It’s nice and it doesn’t have to be a big production. Plus, you deserve it.

Do you celebrate your birthday? If so, how?


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