Post-pourri pt. 2

I played the first episode of The Walk yesterday. I’ve had the app on my phone for a couple years now, I think. I love Six to Start’s games.

I live in a place that is and isn’t walking friendly. On the one hand, it’s rural and the shoulder’s pretty wide. On the other, there aren’t that many available roads in and out of town. So there are a lot of trucks.

What I miss about Twitter: the conversations.

What I don’t miss about Twitter: election coverage. Being told what to think about whom and what.

It’s been raining on and off since the blizzard, but there are still little patches of snow everywhere.

Reading Shakespeare has been an interesting exercise so far. In January, I started out with The Winter’s Tale, then Two Gentlemen of Verona. I have thoughts, particularly about why men who act like assholes so often come out okay in the end.

This month, it’s Troilus and Cressida, then probably Julius Caesar. Yeah, I might be in a mood.

What I miss about Facebook: …can’t really think of anything just yet.

I’ve been watching a lot of Elementary. I really rather like it. I appreciate that there’s always a real mystery to solve, even when there is high personal drama doing on. (I am not looking askance at any other films or series when I say this. Probably.) Also: Lucy Liu is fantastic.

I’m trying to figure out in voting for Hillary Clinton is an inherently feminist act. What I do know is not voting for her isn’t inherently anti-feminist, whatever others might say.

I’m still staying up way too late. Sometimes I wonder if I should push my bedtime later and later until it comes back around. Could be an interesting experiment, but it wouldn’t do much for my social life.

I am definitely going to see the Pride & Prejudice & Zombies movie. And probably the Independence Day sequel. Okay, definitely the Independence Day sequel.

Someday Hollywood is going stop pandering to my generation and that’s okay. But I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

I very much like reviewing books. I wish there were more opportunities to do it professionally.

Being told to do something probably shouldn’t  make me so significantly opposed to it, but I can’t help it. I’m contrary and bad with authority. One of my least favorite phrases is, “You have to admit…” No, I don’t.

I’ve started writing my Master’s Essay. It’s fun to write, but I am having occasional bouts of: “Oh God, what have I done?” Which is weirdly fitting for the topic.

What I miss about Tumblr: the pretty pictures.

What I don’t miss about Tumblr: the Tumblr black hole. Going back is going to be scary. I will arbitrarily pick a time at which to stop scrolling. I will.

I’ve been reading Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology. You should, too. It’s fascinating.

I turn 29 a month from today. I’m totally okay with it. And even if I wasn’t, that wouldn’t change the fact. So I might as well have fun.


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