I decided earlier in the week that it would probably be a good idea for me to pause my social media activities for a little while. Not because social media is bad for us, necessarily, but because it does take up time and it does condition us to think in particular ways. And in general, I think it’s important to break habits every so often and see what that changes about my daily life.

In this case, I imagine it will change a fair bit. Yesterday, I sort of binged on Twitter so that it wouldn’t be that hard to quit it. I stuck all my phone’s social media apps in an obscure folder. (It’s amazing what even that small change does.) And today I went offline.

It was weird. I’m still getting used to it, truth be told. But I need to work on my Master’s Essay and I have a class starting next week, not to mention all the projects I’m not quite ready to talk about just yet. So I think it will be time well spent. And I’ll get over my reflex to hop on Twitter throughout the day eventually. (Probably.)

I haven’t really decided what this means for the blog, in part because the blog has had so many hiatuses, planned and otherwise. Also, it doesn’t serve quite the same purpose as Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook. I mean, often enough I’m just musing to myself. If you all happen to read it, fine. If you don’t, that’s okay, too.

So I will likely keep blogging, just a bit less. Or maybe I’ll do a weekly post-pourri in lieu of anything more structured and collect random thoughts that may have otherwise ended up on Twitter. I suppose we’ll see. It’s not, after all, like I’m giving up the internet. Because that would not go well at all, especially considering all of my jobs are on it. (If Atlantic Broadband ever crashes, I’m screwed.)

What do you need a break from?


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