All’s well here in the country after the storm. I’d say we have it significantly easier than people in urban areas. For one, you get less snow on the coast. For another, there are fewer nooks and crannies to dig out.

Oh, and there’s lots of farm equipment available to do that digging out.

Still, it’s always an unusual experience to be so hemmed in, even for a few days. Snow infringes on the relatively unhampered movement many of us enjoy on a daily basis. The flow of people from the cities to the suburbs to the country is suddenly halted. Public transit ceases. Even walking is a dubious proposition.

I think a lot about place and our attachment to it. My relationship  to where I live now is still sort of unusual–after 3+ years of living here, it still doesn’t feel like my place. Part of that, I know, is because I divide my time and because I work from home. And it’s not unusual for people not to feel at home after they’ve moved somewhere, even when they’ve lived there for several years. It takes time feel established. It takes time to feel like you belong somewhere. Not to mention effort.

I’ve written before about not being sure what the ideal place for me is. It might be somewhere more urban than where I am now. It might be farther North or South. I doubt it’s many places West, though, because I have a thing about the ocean and that thing is I want to be close to it. Landlocked states make me sad.

But what do we look for in the places that we would call home?  Aside from the practical questions of whether you can find work there or afford the rent, it seems like different people respond to different places for a whole host of reasons. It reminds them of their first home. It doesn’t. It has the amenities they value. A culture they appreciate. A climate that suits their preferences.

Of course, no place is perfect. Neither are they static.

Sometimes, for instance, there are blizzards.


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