It’s going to be an interesting year, that is for damn sure. I hope in the good way. I hope we can look back on 2016 and say, “That’s when everything really started to change.” But we’ll see. It doesn’t happen passively. Hope is, we’ve been reminded lately, an activity.

I am excited for 2016, though, because I have plans and I love plans. You all know how I feel about resolutions–too often resolutions are about regret. Plans should be about anticipation. Joy. Optimism.

(Can you make pessimistic plans? How does that work? I plan to be disappointed this year. I plan to sink further into apathy and disengagement. I plan to cry.)

My plans for 2016 currently consist of a 4-page outline covering the basic areas of Employment, Writing, my Master’s Essay, Reading, Self-Directed Studies, Volunteering, Editing, PhD Applications, Sustainability, Fitness and Mental Health, Organization, Travel, and Socializing.

Yup, I’m a nerd. I regret nothing.

Some of these things are continuations of existing projects, like my foreign language and music studies. Others are tasks I’ve lapsed on which I’d like to resume, like collecting new recipes, our Dungeons and Dragons adventure, and learning to code. And then there are entirely new goals: reading a new Shakespeare play every month, volunteering on Election Day, and starting hiking the Appalachian trail.

It’s a lot (it’s in 10 pt. font). And it could be intimidating. But I have this feeling of space. I’m not struggling to get things done or bemoaning my failures in advance of an arbitrary deadline, I’m anticipating all the new things another twelve months can bring. And like any year, I’ll be taking 2016 day by day, week by week, and month by month.  I can build a sense of structure going into it and I undoubtedly have, but that openness is still there. Which can be scary–but really it’s exciting.

Plans I’m stoked for in 2016:

  • More writing. Always. Finally getting really back into it after a lapse and I cannot convey how good that feels.
  • All the yoga.
  • Trips to North Carolina and (hopefully!) Argentina.
  • Cataloging my book collection. This is the year, I swear it on all the librarians.
  • 2 minute showers.
  • Emile and Frankenstein, natch.
  • Another year of #800splus! We have some great books planned. Kick it off with us by reading The Gracekeepers in January.
  • More Starfish!
  • New classes with new students.
  • Subscribing to more literary/mainstream fiction magazines. 5-10 is the goal.

What are your plans for 2016?


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