Yup, that title just happened. I’m not sorry.

My anticipatory post for 2016 will appear on Thursday, so the in meantime, I’m sort of left without a topic for today. And so post-pourri, a random assortment of facts and musings, some of which might even be true. Because why not.

Here we go:

I’ve never worked in any position for longer than a year. This is probably to my detriment in terms of hiring, but I’ve never regretted leaving a position. The only job I’ve ever wanted to stay in was fiction editing for The Greensboro Review in graduate school. But, y’know, graduation.

I don’t really remember what beef tastes like.

I know all the words to “It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by REM. That’s great it starts with an earthquake…

I’m extremely irritated about year-end giving asks and I hate the “sky is falling” mode of fundraising so popular with nonprofit organizations lately. But if you’d asked me ten years ago, I would have told you my number one job choice was working at a not-for-profit.

Oatmeal raisin cookies are my favorite kind of cookie.

When I studied abroad, I used to walk around Siena in the afternoons listening to Italian CDs I bought at the local record store. That’s right–CDs.

I was a Girl Scout for six years.

I have think-piece fatigue. I believe this has something to do with tone, which is often condescending or patronizing in the “let me educate you poor schleps” fashion. I want more conversations and fewer speeches. (She wrote, from her tiny soapbox blogging platform.)

I decided to attend Sweet Briar the day before the decision deadline after applying to nine colleges.

I hate public speaking, but not because I’m consciously nervous. I hate the physiological response my body has to it: shaky hands, dry mouth, etc. Somehow I still end up in situations where it’s required.

My favorite movie is Jaws. I always root for the shark. I am a little obsessed with sharks. Someday I will have a shark tattoo.

(I have currently four tattoos: a Methodist cross on my arm, the last stanza from the Inferno on my shoulder, two lilies on my collarbones, and the BÖC symbol on my ankle. I want many, many more.)

I have almost gone to law school. Twice.

My Harry Potter House is Slytherin. My mother gave me a Slytherin robe for Christmas. This pleases me greatly.

(I am also an INFP. And Lawful Good. Do with that what you will.)

Sometimes I’m convinced I’m thoroughly messing up my life, but I remind myself that I can only take opportunities as I find them. These are the ones I have right now and I can only keep working on them until something else comes along or they become sustainable.

In elementary school, I was one of three white kids in my class. This did not strike me as odd until I was much older.

My favorite bands are Blue Öyster Cult, Murder by Death, and The Modena City Ramblers. My favorite singer is Tori Amos.

In AP US History, my friends and I reviewed the debate on gay marriage for a project. The majority of our classmates assured us it would never be legal.

Tell me something random about you!


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