So, the last few days, I’ve been thinking a lot about 2016. ‘Tis the season, after all.

It’s also a coping mechanism of mine. Feeling a bit inert, a bit useless? DO MOAR STUFFZ.

I’m well aware of this tendency; I try to keep it in check. But the reality is, I feel better when I’m busy, so busy I shall be.

That said, fuck resolutions and fuck January 1. That is not what I’m about. The potential for change starts every morning, every day, not just the morning the calendar rolls over and you have a tremendous hangover and vow never to drink again, so help you zombie!Jesus.

Fuck resolutions. Resolutions are the things we make when we’re ambiguously happy!sad about the end of the year and the way our lives are going. Plans are what we make when we know how we want to spend the next year and the projects on which we want to focus. Plans build on where we’ve been and keep sight of where we’re going.

I love making plans. Ask anyone. Seriously. It is the least artsy, hippie-dippy thing about me. Plans are the shit.

So I have a general idea of what I want for 2016, but I’m still hammering out the details. I might sit down with a legal pad today and write out a general outline. A lot of it is continuation or development of current projects. Some of it will be pursuing the new, though. 2015 was better than 2014 for money, but I definitely need to do better there, too, which means seeking out more paid opportunities that work with what I’m doing. And writing, always writing, as much writing as possible, definitely more writing and more submitting. And sustainability and activism and volunteerism and study. I got approval to write my Master’s Essay so that will be a big part of the first half of the year. I’m doing my reading now, making notes, etc.

(I’m going to need more legal pads. And probably some spiral notebooks. And some pens. And a giant wall calendar.

She said, gleefully, slowly rubbing her hands together.)

Because the time to build momentum is now. I’ll lose some over the holidays, but not all of it. I’ll blog about the different facets of what I want to do, the new and the old, but for now: planning. And fuck resolutions.

How do you plan? What are your plans for the coming year?


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