Your moment of zen

In celebration of finishing teaching my first college course, I decided to treat myself to a day off yesterday and did one of my favorite things: I went to the beach.

Yeah, it’s November and it was too cold for swimming (although I put my feet in several times–no regrets). But in a way that was even better because the beach was almost abandoned except for a few locals reading or playing with their dogs. It was peaceful. And I was in need of some peace.

It’s weird, because the kind of stress I’ve experienced in the last year isn’t the stress most people associate with work. It’s more of a persistent uncertainty. Will I find enough projects to make ends meet? Will my clients treat me fairly and pay me on time? Is this all a huge mistake?

I’ve been asking that last one more or less every day for the last 365. The answer–still no. But no one casts doubt aside completely.

There’s a lot I want to do over the next three months, as I said last time. And there’s a lot I still need to figure out. My brain is always buzzy, but it’s been buzzier than ever lately. But as I drove out of town and toward the water with my iTunes cranked up, it all started flying out the open windows. By the time I set foot in the sand, I was ready to just clear my head and relax a little.

Nothing makes me happier than the water. And I have a particular relationship with the Chesapeake Bay, odd as that might sound. Sitting on a beach bayside is kind of like spending time with a old friend.

I read a little. I played in the water and with the sand. I reveled in my solitude. I soaked up the sun. It was pretty much exactly what I needed.

I hope you get the opportunity to do something like that for yourselves, too.



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