My section of WRTG 101 ended on Sunday night and I submitted grades today.

I won’t say much about the class out of respect for my students’ privacy, but it was definitely a learning experience for me and hopefully for them. I already have some good ideas for the spring semester and, although I don’t plan to make this my only career, I can see myself doing it for a while. (So long as the university and I stay relatively satisfied with how things are going.)

That said, I am glad to be done for the term and have more time to focus on other projects, especially my own writing. Not that I’m jumping straight in–at the moment, I’m just enjoying some sunshine. Did some yoga. I’ll probably read a book. Tomorrow, I’m going to go visit the water and unwind a bit.

I do need to figure out what the gap–3 months–between classes will look like. This period includes the holidays, so that will inevitably eat up some time. It will be tempting to just let things slide, to maintain the status quo instead of continuing to develop my current opportunities, to just wait until the next scheduled thing. Part of self-employment and what I’m doing in general requires that I resist the impulse. Which means following my own schedule and creating structures in free periods like this one.

It’s a different sort of time than the one leading up to this, when I was mostly applying and doing whatever small projects I could find to stay afloat. This is a contained period, so there is still something of an overall structure. It’s not interminable and possibly unsustainable, which was my concern last year. It’s an opportunity.

And as I’ve said, I’m not necessarily looking to add anything just yet. I want to be settled in what I am doing first. It’s tempting to pile on more things. But there is an inherent balance between quantity and quality I need to maintain.

Fortunately, I have a few non-teaching related deadlines to attend to (like submitting materials for school), not to mention regular work through some of my other venues. And not having time to work on my own projects means I’m pretty excited to get back to them. So we’ll see how it goes and stick with optimism for the moment.

How do you manage your free time?


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