Happy Halloween!

That’s right, my favorite time of year.

I’m always looking for different ways to celebrate Halloween. This year I’m going with some friends to see Titus Andronicus. Yes, that Shakespeare. How many opportunities do you get? Also, if the reviews are accurate, it’s the perfect production to ring in the season.

I’ve got my other staples: scary stories and movies, spooky beverages, horror board games, pumpkin-carving etc. Someday, it’s my goal to rent out a ballroom and throw kickass themed Halloween parties, but I’m not quite to that stage in my adulthood. It’s on my list of things.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that one of the greatest perks of adulthood is you get to decide which holidays you celebrate and how. Granted, there are familial demands, but wiggle room is good. As can be distance, depending on your family.

But it makes me sad when people dislike certain holidays–especially the ones I love–because they’ve had negative experiences or associate the day with certain aspects of mainstream culture. The thing is, it can be your holiday, too, even if you hate drunk idiots in stupid costumes (not every costume is a good costume).

Because really, it’s within our power to forge new traditions. Even if your tradition is not having a set tradition. I like a good mellow Halloween with some classic black & white films; I also like Halloween parties and haunted houses. I do wish every year that I lived somewhere that kids actually Trick-or-Treated, but I guess that’s just another goal. I don’t dress up as much as I used to, but some years it’s fun. Mostly, I just do as I like. Because Halloween is definitely my territory, drunk idiots or no.

Do you celebrate Halloween? How?




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