Back to School

What’s this? A blog post!?

It’s not a secret that I’ve slacked off on my other projects since the school year started. I’m excited to be teaching composition for the first time–and I enjoy my students, even though we’ll never meet in person–but it’s definitely required an adjustment on my part. I’m happy to continue to make re-calibrations as my professional life gets more complicated, but I’m also hoping to gain more consistency as tasks level out a bit–and reintroduce less structured projects as I’m able. There is an ebb and flow to each semester to which I’m still getting accustomed. Not to mention the different ways of thinking required for teaching academic writing vs. creative writing.

Although, speaking of creative writing, I’m very pleased to say that starting in October, I will be teaching a four-week writing workshop for the Eckleburg Workshops. You can read more about that particular project here and, if you’re a creative writer or aspiring creative writer yourself, I hope you’ll consider joining me. I’ve really enjoyed the opportunity to develop a curriculum–not something you really get to do with comp at most institutions–with exercises and readings to explore a particular topic. I think these two endeavors will be nice complements to each other, which is definitely something I’m keeping in mind as I expand my repertoire.

Of course, teaching is not quite the same as pursuing your own topics of interest, although ideally you can share them to an extent with your students. I’ve been out of formal education for a little over a year now and, while it is nice to have a break, I do miss the challenges and energy of the classroom. I do have my independent studies and I attend lectures and readings when I can. Such things will certainly be the staples of post-education adult life. And at the moment, it does seem best to focus on professional development rather than full-time study.

But even though I’m not ready to go back to being a perpetual student, I have been thinking I would like to reintroduce a bit of higher ed into my routine. For that reason, one of my newest enterprises is exploring the possibility of doing an optional long essay (see: pseudo-thesis) for the liberal arts program I finished last year. At the moment, I’m still in the planning and funding stages, but as it develops, I’ll keep you updated, readers.

Perhaps one of the most fun ways I’ve celebrated the school year beginning is which this month’s 800s plus reads, which were two throwback books for us: The Arrows of the Queen and Animorphs #1: The Invasion. K and I had a great time revisiting Arrows this past Sunday and we’ll take to twitter again the evening of October 4 to chat about The Invasion.

Is it “back to school” for you? In what sense?


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