Back in it and not drowning (hopefully)

Greetings all! I have returned.

And there is so much to do.

My road trip to New Orleans was fantastic, and I will certainly be posting photos and reflections on this blog over the next few weeks. But right now my attention is almost entirely consumed with the process of catching up.

I suppose it’s always been true that when you take yourself out of the stream of everyday life, getting back into it demands a fair amount of time and energy. There are phone calls to return, emails to answer, issues at work to resolve. (I am almost caught up on my email. Almost.)

But I think in the information age, catching up requires even more of us, because it feels like there’s that much more we missed. After all, a day on the internet seems to encompass roughly a week of real time, because of the sheer volume of news, updates, etc. And as I’m interested in staying aware and engaged, that means backtracking on what’s happening in the world, too, not just my immediate life.

Yes, we have to pick and choose when we pay attention to, as always, but even the picking and choosing requires focus and time and energy.

I haven’t done myself many favors since I got back–of the four days I’ve been home, I’ve actually only spent two at home. And this week I’m only doing slightly better, with three uninterrupted days of quiet sans activities. The priorities are work, writing, and re-establishing my overall routine. And deep breathing.

But spring is here–mostly–and with it has arrived social life. Somebody help us.

How do you catch up? 


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