Brief update & taking the show on the road

As you read this, I’m already Nawlins bound. Follow me on twitter for updates!

I had hoped to have enough material to sustain the blogs while I’m away, but honestly I’ve haven’t been very happy with what content I’ve managed to produce lately, which has been little enough as it is (myriad reasons: work, #SaveSweetBriar, the beginning of baseball season). So, rather than feel badly about failing my own expectations and continuing to flounder, I’ve elected to take a break and set some deadlines for new content.

Consequently, The Girl Who Loved Zombies and Dead White Guys are on hiatus until Tuesday, May 5. She Who Sleeps will resume on Monday, April 27. I will, however, continue posts on Tate Street. Biweekly Seven by Twenty editorial updates will also continue.

I will start my series on Channillo as planned–however, that particular project will begin on Wednesday, April 29. As noted, this will be a daily serial modeled after the gothic epistolary structure. The content will consist mostly of “found” fragments and the overarching story will take place in the Lovecraftian milieu. Three clues: Miskatonic, single-sex, push pins. More details soon!


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