Blogging Roundup 3/1-4/3

Yes, friends, it has been a long, strange month without very much blogging. But, in the interest of starting April more or less afresh, I’m going to go ahead and recap my scant contributions to the intarwebz from March. These include my few blogs and my new conversations on, as well as that utterly surreal time I wrote a thing for The New York TimesRoom for Debate section.

I’m hoping to get entirely back on track for this month, which is why I’ve spent most of the week writing blog posts for the time when I’ll be traveling. So everything will be back on the usual schedule for all four blogs, I promise. I’m also excited to announce that I’ve been approved to do a series on Channillo, a brand new site for sharing serialized literature. The planned release date is Wednesday, April 15. More soon.

On She Who Sleeps:

On The Girl Who Loved Zombies:

On Tate Street High Society:

On VProud:

On Room for Debate:

I hope you have been well this past month — and thanks for reading!


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