Is it finally spring?

Today almost looked like it. Sunny, blue sky. No snow anywhere. Still just a bit too chilly to make me think “spring.”

But April arrives on Wednesday whether it feels like it should or not. And with it: so many things to do.

I’m not sure what it is about my personality or lifestyle that seems to create pockets of frequent social activity every three or four months or so. Last October and September was much the same–several trips planned, concerts, gatherings, etc. April begins what looks like a 3 month period of similar busyness.

In a way, I almost feel like I’ve been hibernating. It’s not quite accurate because I’m always doing things. I go places. I see people. But this is just more. Bigger trips. Larger events. More to do.

It’s not a bad thing. I like having adventures. In April, I’m going on a solo road trip to New Orleans, where I will spend a long weekend with friends. I’m excited to see New Orleans (where I’ve never been), but I’m also excited for the journey. I’ve been minimizing my car’s mileage for the last several months in anticipation of this project (I love road trips but I wanted to keep my energy use about the same). This week, I’m going to start planning my route and see whom I might visit along the way.

I have smaller trips planned with family members to Virginia and Kentucky. And it seems like any number of events have accumulated on my weekends. This is in some degree due to the issues surrounding Sweet Briar and its possible closing — I want to attend as many major campus events as I possibly can. But baseball season is also starting, which means somewhat more frequent trips to Baltimore. There are book festivals and plays and so many other things spring has to offer.

So yes, I’m looking forward enjoying everything on the docket, but these plans don’t come without a degree of anxiety. Am I overusing gasoline? Am I neglecting responsibilities at home? Will I have enough time to continue my other projects? Should I be devoting more energy to adding paid opportunities rather than spending money on travel and events?

In these first few weeks, I’m hoping to establish good habits across the board. I’ve slipped somewhat in my routine this month, in no small part because of everything that’s happened. Consequently I’m lacking some of the momentum that would make continuing good habits easy. One of my goals is to get that going again. Fingers crossed.

What do you have coming up this spring? 


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