One of the reasons I’m not fond of the New Year’s resolution system is that there’s no elasticity to it. You lapse or fail, you feel guilty about it, and the resolution vanishes. Some of this seems to be about realistic goal-setting (will you really do 1000 pushups every day)? But sometimes it’s also about saying: “No, I didn’t get this quite right the first time, but I can try again.”

E.g., among my other projects, recently, I’ve been doing the Yoga with Adriene‘s #30daysofyoga challenge. It’s awesome and I encourage you to check it out for its own sake.

Yesterday, however, I had one of those horrible post-holiday realizations: I’m sick.

Worse, I’m not really sure if I have a cold or the flu. There’s a lot of symptom of overlap. The solution is basically the same, of course–meaning lots of fluids, sleep, symptom treatment, etc. As you know from my self-care posts, I’m a firm believer in attending to illnesses quickly and aggressively instead of letting them linger for the sake maintaining routine.

But it did make me sad, because I can’t do much yoga when I’m sick. There are some videos, but it’s not the same as the #30daysofyoga experience. I very much wanted to be able to do it in January with everyone else.

That doesn’t mean that I’m going to ditch my goal, though. I’m going to adjust it. In fact, I’m adjusting most of my projects to accommodate this temporary obstacle. My #30daysofyoga will start when I feel better (not a moment later) as will some of my other projects. In the meantime, I’m going to set the tone for my year and work on what I can, including setting reasonable–achievable–goals for myself and establishing benchmarks.

So if you tripped at the start line this year, know you’re not the only one. Not all circumstances allow us to have the beginning we want and it isn’t making excuses to acknowledge that. (Making excuses would be letting it prevent you from doing what you intend with the rest of the year.) And join me in giving yourself another chance to make it off your mark. If your new year really starts on January 10th or 20th or even February 1, so be it.

The point is to start running, when you can.


One thought on “Adjusting

  1. Ha – don’t feel bad. I’m pretty sure today will be day 2 of “Yoga means laying on the floor for 10 minutes” for me. I’m not even sick, just busy/tired. So my Yoga With Adrienne videos will be 2 days behind where she is. (I decided to do all her videos anyway, so at this point my 30 days will be 32 days). I hope you feel better soon 🙂

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