Turning off the Internet

Funny topic for a blog of all things, I know.

Yesterday, I made my first attempt at staying offline for a significant period of time (the goal was six hours). You see, while I have been productive in my web-based endeavors like submitting job applications, hunting pitches and freelance opportunities, studying, and, of course, blogging, I’ve had a somewhat harder time working on my other projects like revisions and writing. So I thought to balance out my productivity, I might identify some times during the week when I deliberately unplug from email, social media, etc. I even decided to turn off my phone for a while. (Gasp, I know.)

It did not go brilliantly, I must say.

This is partly for positive reasons because just as I was going to turn everything off I received word that one of my prospective employers wanted to interview me (yay!) and that I had been approved to work an online tutoring site (also yay!). I also had good discussions about upcoming projects with a few people with whom I collaborate. So like most days, it was a productive day. Just not exactly in the way I had planned. I did manage to get offline for a couple hours to read and write and do some more mundane chores.

So I see this as an opportunity to make progress. Make conscious decisions about what I’m going to do and when. And if I have to reverse those decisions, it should be for something worthwhile like scheduling a job interview, not for a time-suck like reading all about the CIA’s torture practices. (A terrible idea anyway. UGH.)

I am going to make another effort tomorrow, I think. Maybe I’ll start by setting more manageable goals. Three hours? That’s the length of a long movie–it should be doable.

Obviously unplugging also diminishes some electricity use, so it’s worthwhile in that way, too.

Do you ever deliberately unplug? What helps you stay offline?


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