Weekly Roundup 11/17-11/21

Given the amount of blogging I’ve been doing lately, I thought it might be helpful to collate everything each week. I’m trying to make this blog as much of a central hub as possible, so hopefully this will serve that function and help me stay on track. So! Here is the week’s work online.

If there are major edits or addendums to a post I’ll note it here. I’ll also use this space to share news and updates re: publications off-blog, including for creative writing. And maybe at some point it can become a space for big project benchmarks.

Consequently, She Who Sleeps will go back to being a MWF blog, with the Friday post always being the roundup and therefore totally skippable if you’re just here for the…whatever you’re here for?

On She Who Sleeps:

On The Girl Who Loved Zombies:

On Tate Street High Society:

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend!


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