Post-October assessment

With October now behind us, I thought it would be a good idea to check in regarding goals and plans.

I have definitely made progress on several fronts. To review, I’m currently pursuing a number of projects and sustainable employment in what I’m still terming alternative or unorthodox adulthood. (Really, it’s just not the adulthood of previous generations, which focuses monolithically on career-house-nuclear family, etc.)

I’m not deluding myself about the fact that capital is a necessary part of making all this happen, so we’ll start with the job search. No big announcements just yet, but I have seen a few bites for my resumes. Plus, having signed up for more search sites, I’m increasing my rate of application (previously quite slow due to the nature of the search) to at least one per day, hopefully more in the near future. I’m happy to report that I’ve also managed to make a bit of money off fiction lately, so I have the freedom to continue my search. One thing I do need to improve soon is my LinkedIn presence and profile. I’m not overly fond of the site, but I realize it is–for better or worse–my professional face online.

Blogging, of course, you see the direct results of every week. I’m definitely getting more consistent. 9 posts each on here and on The Girl Who Loved Zombies in the last six weeks. Only the 1 introductory post on Dead White Guys, which I hope to address this week. Plus, I’ve added a project with Tate Street High Society, a literary blog started by some of my marvelous MFA classmates. Also, I’m seeing a marked improvement in views. The Girl Who Loved Zombies in particular has picked up in the last several weeks.

Writing, of course, is one of the big reasons for all of this in the first place. It hasn’t been the easiest thing to get back into it after school, but I am more productive. I write a piece of flash fiction daily and have been working on revisions for one of my young adult novels. One of my central goals for November is to get back to writing new short stories. For the longest time, I’ve been focused on revising and placing stories from the MFA program. And there are a few more works to polish and get out into the world, but I think it’s time to get some fresh fiction on the page.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’ve been most successful in my self-directed studies.  I’m making real progress on Coursera and CodeAcademy–I’m learning CSS now!–and although I’m terrible at maintaining Duolingo streaks, I’ve definitely brushed the rust off my Italian and Spanish. German has been great for thinking about the structure and origins of English. And I continue to be pretty terrible at French and Dutch (especially the spelling for Dutch–oy). But there’s something to enjoy in being really bad at something. I feel the same way about the banjo. I think it reminds me of the necessity of patience and practice, things we forget when technology helps us get through so much of our daily lives.

At some point, I’ll do separate blogs about yoga and tarot, because learning them has produced such unique experiences in their own right. I’m hoping to pick a particular cuisine or style of cooking to learn soon, too, which should be good for new blogs–with pictures! And also in the interest of breaching comfort zones.

The one thing I’m sorry to say I’ve totally failed at is volunteering. A lot of that probably has to do with too many busy weekends, but it’s something I really hope to address in November and December. After all, isn’t it that much more important during the holidays?

What are your current projects? How are they going? 


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