My to do list app is an intricate nesting box of plans and projects.

There are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly checklists. One-time tasks. Appointments, events, and outings. It’s all designed not only to make sure I don’t forget to go to the dentist or get my oil checked, but to help me make reasonable progress on my goals while I’m doing what I’m starting to think of as “alternative adulthood.”

I’ve talked about my studies  and my job search. There’s always, always writing to be done and revision once writing has been done. There are small, personal goals like “cook three times a week” or “write two letters a week.” And of course, there’s blogging.

My favorite goal to check off every week is: “have an adventure.”

Because when I think about the life I want to have, “adventurous” is always one of the first words that comes to mind.

I see the value in patterns and structure. They keep us on track, keep us motivated and focused. They’re important. I’ve written recently about my love of breaking those patterns at the right time. But I think one of the ways to keep them intact and still lead an interesting life is to make a place for serendipity.

Thus: “have an adventure every week.” It’s the vaguest–and by some estimations least adult–part of my weekly plans. But I’ve yet to miss checking it off.

So what qualifies as an adventure? Well, in some ways you know it when you see it. An adventure is something new. Something fun. Something that takes you out of your comfort zone or daily routine. It can be on your own or with your closest friends. Travel usually qualifies, although not always. It might be planned or completely improvised. Above all, it should make a good story.

Some of my more recent adventures:

  • Attending a D20 “Nerdy Nightmares” burlesque show in NYC
  • Seeing The Island of Doctor Moreau performed by the Synetic Theater in Arlington
  • Going to my first postseason baseball games and my first college football game
  • Meeting my first manatee and swimming in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Watching a War of 1812 battle reenactment

What adventures have you had lately?


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