On travel

I may have overbooked my fall somewhat.

It’s a happy problem to have, I know. I was so excited after graduation to have time to see people and go places, so I’ve been doing that quite a bit since August.

Life has been pleasantly busy, with long weekend trips to Philly and Florida. Day trips to DC, Annapolis, and Baltimore. Late summer/early fall in Maryland is lively with events: film and book festivals, reenactments, plays, outdoor concerts. Not to mention baseball (more on that soon–baseball has been a major part of my year).

There’s an interesting challenge in balancing local events with travel. Thus far, I’ve erred much more on the side of travel. But part of being part of a community is being in that community, so correcting that balance will be one of my goals going forward.

The problem is that I really, really love traveling. And I haven’t had very many opportunities to do it in the last five years. There was London last year, which was amazing. But I had also been there before; one of my goals for my late twenties is to go more places I haven’t been.

In 2015, if I can manage it, I would like to go to New Orleans and Iceland. Both new places.

I would like to see more of my own country. Portland and Seattle. San Francisco. Yellowstone. The Adirondacks. Maine. I’ve been to Montreal, but Canada is huge. I want to see Australia. Argentina. Brazil. The Netherlands. Estonia.

And while it’s sometimes sad to me that I have friends I rarely see because they live across the country (and sometimes the world), it also gives me the chance to see some of these places–and experience them the way the people who live there do.

Travel isn’t just recreation to me, either. It’s a source of personal growth. Sure, it’s usually fun and it should be. But it’s also about seeing different things, meeting different people. Stepping out of your own skin a bit.

Where are you going? Where do you want to go?




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