2014: A Quarterly Account

As March whooshes to a close, we reach the end of the first quarter of 2014. It’s also–although you might not know it depending on where you live–the end of winter, the 5/8 point in the semester, and two weeks until the graduate admissions national reply date (April 15).*

It’s also, I think, a good time to pause and take stock of how the year is going so far.

I didn’t bother with concrete resolutions this year–or any particular sacrifices for Lent. It’s an experiment, to see how it works out. Which isn’t to say I don’t have projects I want to finish or goals I want to accomplish, just that I’m not putting numbers or deadlines on them.

But so far, out of what I’m interested in accomplishing this year, I have:

1) Started blogging again (although The Girl Who Loved Zombies remains sadly neglected)

2) Read 13  new books (8 by women)–not including those for class, which is right on target for 52 on the year

3) Practiced tarot readings, to the tune of about 3 per month

4) Learned 7 new board games

5) Continued cooking, usually 1-2 meals/week

6) Attended 1 concert and 2 sporting events

7) Went on a rad adventure to Miami*

8) Kept up my “Good  Things” account, which I will revisit at the end of the year*

9) Cut back on gasoline/energy consumption

10) Returned to studying Italian (while picking up beginner French)

On the have not side of things, I’m still working on:

1) Practicing my banjo weekly

2) Going on a daily walk (the weather’s been abysmal, in my defense)

3) Volunteering with local organizations

4) Reading more poetry and nonfiction

5) Writing more letters (If you want to help me with this particular project–leave a message!)

6) Seeing more plays/performing arts

7) Learning a new art and/or craft

8) Cutting back on my online time (ha!)

9) Reconnecting with neglected friends, especially my MFA friends

10) Writing*

There’s a lot to look forward to in the next 9 months, including graduating from my MA program, several weddings and family events, the entirety of baseball season (hello partial season tickets), spring-fall at the farmer’s market, outdoor theater and concerts, used book sales, fulfilled Kickstarter projects, long drives,  matinees, hiking, swimming, boating, road trips, Reunion, and whatever crazy awesome thing is next.*

How is your year going so far? What are you looking forward to?

*More on these points soon


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