Blogger’s Block

You may have noticed that I’ve fallen a bit behind on this blog as of late.

Part of it is that it’s October and I love October. I love autumn. For me, summer — especially the end of summer — is kind of a miserable season. It’s hot and humid and buggy. Summer has two things going for it, in my view: 1) fresh produce and 2) going to the beach. But autumn. Autumn is glorious.

I could blame my lack of blogging on how much I love the fall and how much busier I am, but honestly? That’s not the whole story.

Lately, I’ve had a case of blogger’s block.

It’s not so serious as writer’s block. I mean blogs, especially this blog, are just for fun and for personal edification. But I think that’s why I get stuck sometimes. Why I stare at the new post box and sigh and go do something else. With stories, I know when to do another draft or let something sit for a while. I know (usually) when to move on to the next project. And for me, there’s always a next project. But blogging is another matter. What do you blog about when you feel like you have nothing to say? Should you do anything?

The only solution I could come up with was trying to find a new perspective. Do a new project. Research a new subject. Ask questions. Reexamine old topics — see if your opinion has changed. Free write; sometimes it’s just about recovering the rhythm. Blogging has its own routine to it, but sometimes routines slip.

Now that I’m back to it, there will be daily posts this week to make up for the deficit. Fun times!

What do you do when you have blogger’s block?


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