She Who Sleeps: The Revenge

The original title of this post was “She Who Sleeps Returns” but how unexciting is that? Revenge just sounds more intriguing, doesn’t it? I haven’t decided who to target with my vendetta, but I’ll let you know. Unless, of course, it’s you.

As anyone who follows me on twitter knows, this blog has been defunct for more than 18 months now. Originally, it was a grad school blog. Since I stopped updating in January 2011, I have finished my degree (Creative Writing MFA), moved back home, and chosen my next degree program (Master’s in Liberal Studies*), which will start in spring 2013. I would not have resumed posting here–I’m, as you know, much fonder of new projects–but recently I was putzing around in my wordpress account and saw that despite the blog’s long inactivity, people still visit the site. Which is kind of awesome.

So I started thinking about “She Who Sleeps” and how it helped me when I was far away from home and pretty poor and trying to be a good citizen of the earth. And I came to the conclusion that the blog might help me again. I’m a person who likes needs structure and who enjoys chronicling projects and ideas. It makes sense, then, to resurrect this site during my semester off and use it to keep track of my different projects and goals. And if we’re lucky, maybe it will survive until my next graduation.

For the record, my genre blog, “The Girl Who Loved Zombies,” will continue, now officially on a Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule. You’ll see updates for “She Who Sleeps” on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. In some respects, this blog will be fairly similar to its 2010-2011 incarnation. In others, not so much.

What will be different

1) Although I’m aiming for a consistent posting schedule, I’m doing away with themed days (MFA Monday, Green Wednesday, etc.). I think a little flexibility is necessary here. There will be regular cycles of posts like MFA Monday. But I’m not going to predetermine their frequency. They might happen every week, every other week, or every month. I’ll use categories, tags, and internal links to make them easier to navigate.

2) Shorter posts. In general, I’m aiming for the 300-500 word range. Although…this post is clearly failing on that score.

3) Because my academic circumstances are different, naturally my posts and projects will also be different. I’ll no longer be writing about the experience of earning an MFA, but I will be posting reflections on the program and Life After the MFA ruminations. When school starts in January, you’ll see posts about readings and class discussions. The Master’s in Liberal Studies is a much more classically oriented program–not specialized–so if you’re interested in following along with the curriculum, I’ll do my best to make that happen.

4) New personal projects. Along the same lines as above: life is different now. I’ve gone from living in a mid-sized Southern city to a small town on the Chesapeake Bay. Moreover, I’m staying with my family and not living on a stipend, so green behaviors are going to take on a new shape and scope. I’ve got new goals and new activities to try out. Finally, in many ways, this semester is about taking some time for myself and I’m sure the blog will reflect that, too.

What will be the same

1) Just because my living situation has changed doesn’t mean my commitment to ethical living has. This is still a blog about volunteerism and green living and promoting fair labor practices worldwide whenever possible. In some ways, those behaviors will be more challenging; in others, less. But the goal remains the same: living ethically one day at a time.

2) Open format. I’m still interested in this blog being a place of conversation. As always, I’m only trying things out and seeing how they work. I fully acknowledge that not every approach to living ethically works for everyone. And this is as much a venue for highlighting my misadventures as anything else. I will never consider myself a model for completely ethical behavior–there are always people who are willing to sacrifice more than I am. Also, I’m still completely open to suggestions.

3) Spastic-ness. The old “She Who Sleeps” was never about any one thing or project. It reflected my many interests and the general scattered-ness of my personality. So despite my grand ideas about organization and schedules, etc., that probably isn’t going to change.

4) Zombies. Because it’s me.

*A “great books program”, with different segments in Politics & Society, Literature, Theology & Philosophy, and Mathematics & Natural Sciences.


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