“She who sleeps…” 2011 (A Reimagining)

And coming back from a two month hiatus . . . we have “She who sleeps . . .” version 2.0!

I’ve considered explaining the reasoning for the radio silence a few times but all of my excuses are lame (I was really busy and stuff?) or self-pitying (Blogging is really, really hard sometimes!), so we’re just going to skip that part and talk about what I’ve got planned for 2011. First of all, yes, the blog is back. I’ve decided to do a bit of restructuring — mostly adding more structure — to make sure that there’s decent quality content on a regular basis.

The premise of the “She who sleeps . . .” remains the same. There is so much that we as individuals can do to be engaged, responsible members of the human race. Citizens of the world. Every choice I make on a daily basis can be a globally responsible choice  . . . or a “lazy-Julia-just-wants-to-get-this-done” choice. I can choose to be connected and invested in the world in interesting ways. Or I can lounge around in my pajamas and play marathon rounds of Plants vs. Zombies on my iPad.*

My primary interest is still green living as a poor grad student. But I’d also like (if you all are interested?) to talk about community engagement, promotion of the arts, advances and challenges in public policy, and radical new forms of activism. And of course, I’m still enrolled in my MFA program so you can expect writer chat every now and again, though I solemnly swear to keep navel-gazing to an absolute minimum.

So, in an effort to make space for these topics in an organized way, I’m going to impose a weekly structure that will (hopefully) foster some interesting posts and discussions. I’m aiming for three posts/week on a MWF schedule.

MFA Monday: Some weeks this will be a discussion of the MFA system, its benefits and detriments as I experience them. Others it will be a broader discussion of contemporary art and literature. Maybe a few book reviews. If you’re less interested in my adventures in eco-friendly living and political ramblings, then Monday is the day to tune in.

Green Wednesdays: Hand-washing laundry? Electric bills? Vegetarian recipes? You’ve got it, every Wednesday.

Follow Fridays: Yes, I jacked the name from Twitter. Because (1) I spend obscene amounts of time trolling the internet for neat stuff and (2) I am not actually an expert in anything (a fact that has previously made me very anxious writing this blog), Fridays will be devoted to sharing projects, news stories, blogs, and resources that I think you will be find intriguing/useful/friggin’ weird.

Doing this well and consistently is one of my resolutions for 2011. As always, I much appreciate your readership and support.

*There’s nothing wrong with PvZ in small doses. But when your touch-screen finger starts to go numb . . . you’re playing too much.


2 thoughts on ““She who sleeps…” 2011 (A Reimagining)

  1. YAY! She Who Sleeps is back! I look forward to your posts. 🙂

    And yes when your clicker finger (laptop) goes numb from PvZ then we say that there is a problem… Although Greg does most of the PvZing these days.

  2. lol. kill those zombies.

    anyway, blogs were made for ppl who aren’t experts. they either become experts over time or just babble on into the interwebs while ppl either listen or don’t.

    i look forward to more lunch time reading.

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