Cooking with Julia: Love in the Time of Quesadillas

I have a quesadilla obsession.

Really, as a vegetarian option, they’re pretty excellent and not just at tex-mex restaurants. They make a great lunch and can be adapted for a heftier dinner. Instructions for quick and easy quesadillas:

1 tortilla (be it handmade if you’re ambitious or store-bought if you’re not)

1-2 slices of cheese (I use cheddar and throw on some grated parmesan to make things interesting)

the veggies of your choice (tomatoes, mushrooms, and peppers are my particular favs)

1/2 tbs of oil

1. Heat the oil in a medium size pan.

2. Meanwhile, chop the vegetables to their desired size.

3. Place cheese and veggies on one half of the tortilla. Fold in half.

4. Cook quesadilla, about five minutes on each side or until golden brown.


How to make this meal healthier:

1. Reduce the amount of cheese. All note that different kinds of cheese have different quantities of fat and calories. Harder cheese have lower counts.

2. Use whole wheat tortillas. They’re just as tasty, promise.

3. Bake instead of pan-fry.

Also, if you want a slightly heavier meal, add beans, meat, or meat-substitute. And follow up with some fruit. You’ll hit most of your nutritional bases that way.

In colder weather, I crave warm food. We tend to think that hot food has to be more difficult to prepare. Not so!

Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post — camera’s on the fritz.


3 thoughts on “Cooking with Julia: Love in the Time of Quesadillas

  1. You can also do the quesadillas without pan frying in oil…Greg and I have a recipe that calls for dry pan frying chili quesadillas which is healthier than your oil fried ones and it keeps you from heating up the oven (wasting energy and it adds extra and unnecessary heat in the summer).

    • I think that may depend on the type and quality of your pan, unfortunately. The few times I’ve tried dry pan frying with my second hand stuff, I’ve had problems with food burning to the pan. Not fun to clean up.

      But if you have the means, definitely!

      • I guess that Greg’s just lucky in having an actual (as opposed to those frauds that fail on the first use!) non-stick pan. 🙂

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