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This first post is mostly a rehash of the About section, so forgive me in advance for any redundancies.

I am a first year Creative Writing MFA student in fiction. I spent the last year working for a DC-based nonprofit and, although I really enjoy activism, I am looking forward to focusing on my writing.

BUT, having moved away from home for the first time (excluding college, which doesn’t really count, in my mind), I am also using these two years as an opportunity to shape my lifestyle in accordance with my personal beliefs and ethics. In other words, I want to start putting my money where my mouth is — fairly literally, in some cases.

I care deeply about living in a way that is sustainable and socially sound. I’m also living off a $12,000/yr graduate assistantship. My goal, therefore, is to live as ethically as I can, while also living as cheaply as I can. However, I’m thinking the two aren’t as mutually exclusive as some would have us believe.

This blog is an ongoing project. Every week, I’ll update you on how my efforts to live sustainably (based off of various guides and resources, but also common sense). I’ll include things like budgets and recipes*, as well as anecdotes about my successes and inevitable disasters.

Because my life is more than what I eat and where I shop (no, really!), you can also expect musings on the purpose and value of the Creative Writing MFA, podcast and blog recs, volunteerism, movie reviews, and the antics of my only roommate — my cat, MeMe. Oh, and zombies.** This will not quite be a daily blog, but you can expect multiple posts per week.

I love feedback and comments, so feel free to chime in. Thanks for reading!

*This is my sixth year as a vegetarian, so I’m afraid there will be no flesh included in said recipes. I may occasionally mention how meat may be added to various dishes, but don’t count on it.

**Mild obsession.


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